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Global Virtual Tech Conference

For more than eight years, WeAreTechWomen has championed women in the tech industry, hosting the acclaimed One Tech World global virtual conference. We’ve welcomed over 10,000 global women in tech to learn and network as part of One Tech World since 2020. We’re not just another media company; this cause is deeply personal to us. The current representation of women at 21% in the tech sector is insufficient and demands transformation.

To evoke change, we believe in unveiling the true landscape of the future of technology to both existing and aspiring women in the industry. Our goal involves not only showcasing the tech industry’s future but also inspiring women from all backgrounds to consider tech careers. This inclusivity is crucial for crafting products and systems that genuinely represent and serve everyone.

While acknowledging that our conference cannot instantly solve the gender parity challenges in the industry, it serves as a catalyst for progress. One Tech World provides an opportunity for attendees to immerse themselves in the global innovations and disruptions reshaping the tech landscape. Through this, they gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry, empowering them to adapt their skill sets and expand their networks for the future.

About the Conference

In April 2024, we plan to deliver our fifth global virtual learning experience on our cutting-edge conferencing platform. Our conference will serve as a hub for discovering emerging technologies and industry disruptions – and the best part is due to our incredible sponsors, this year it will be FREE to attend.

Renowned speakers from around the world and our alumni of award TechWomen100 award winners will generously share their insights, enriching our innovative sessions covering diverse tech realms. Additionally, we will facilitate career development discussions, fireside chats, and extensive networking opportunities through our chat rooms.

Our agenda is meticulously crafted based on the feedback of our community, ensuring we cater to our community’s needs. Our aim is not just to accelerate their careers but to provide a panoramic view of the tech world and its implications for the future of work.

A full agenda will be published in March, alongside a list of our amazing speakers.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone from any industry who works in tech
  • Those looking to transition into the industry
  • Those who are keen to understand how tech will affect the future of work
  • Those looking to grow their networks in the tech space
  • Anyone looking to move within tech sectors
  • Those who wish to have an insight into multiple tech disciplines
  • Students and returners

Why attend?


    Choose from over 40 different tech topics and hear from the most incredible speakers

    Grow your network, find your tribe and find future contacts and potential mentors

    Discover career pathways in to tech

What we're covering

Powering up education: The transformative impact of game-based learning, From Geology to Oncology: Repurposing cross-domain applications, Navigating the future: Advancements in Cyber and Artificial Intelligence security Implementation, Make the most of Generative AI!, Upskilling for the AI era: How to become irreplaceable, Data culture: Unlocking data fluency for all, Generative AI and insurance, ChatGPT: Boon or bane for gender equality? Demystifying AI agents: Understanding and utilizing the new digital workforce, Beyond trends: How your choices shape the future of fashion, Data mesh or Data mess: Bringing product thinking to data, Leveraging AI for Cyber Security, DORA isn’t just a cartoon character, Automated driving the what, the why and the how, AI disruption in the wealth, insurance and banking sector, The Call is coming from inside the house- Data privacy In the absence of free will, A glimpse into revolutionising engineering management with Generative AI, Shaping tomorrow: AI governance strategies for data security in the age of emerging technologies, Undeniably human: Building future skills in the age of Generative AI and AGI, Space situational awareness and the increasing problem of space debris, Spies, lies and cybercrime: How global forces impact our digital landscape, The future of climate tech innovation, 2024 trends, what’s coming down the track, The sustainable developer: How your software could code a greener future, The future of AI in recruitment, The power of data: Transforming industries with AI.
Breaking the code: Unleashing equality in tech through language, Creating community with assistive technology, Augmented Reality: A tool for the inclusion of the deaf community in publishing, The STEM education pendulum: Don’t build another rigid curriculum based on today’s jobs, Navigating solitude at the summit: The neurodivergent female leader’s guide to connection with AI as the pioneer, Women in gaming, Overcoming barriers: Being a proud immigrant, How to overcome obstacles and rise in your career as a black woman in tech, How to tackle inequity caused by gender-based violence, Embracing DEI in digital transformation: Perspectives from a female tech leader, Creating a more connected tomorrow, Guiding the game: Exploring the challenges of women in leadership, Empowering women: The vital role of women supporting women in the tech industry, Tech abuse and intersectionality.
Crazy busy: Staying productive in a chaotic world, Hold these thoughts – It is JUST you and It is NOT you, Fundraising 101 – How to raise capital for your business, YOUR mental health matters, Success interrupted – When life events get in the way, Women Who Code: building a safe environment for women to thrive in a career in tech, Beyond boundaries: A tech odyssey from Engineering to DevOps, Networking networth, The importance of having a mentor, Intrapreneurial mindset: How to drive innovation and change, Leverage your competitive advantage to advance your career!, Squiggle is the new ladder, Emotional intelligence and leadership, It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it… that’s what gets results, Project Management in a remote-first world, The beauty of discomfort, The authentic employee, The Rise of the 82% – How do we upskill line managers?, The Art of ‘I don’t know’: Leadership in a tech-driven world, How to craft your start-up pitch, Innovation and inspiration – shaping our workplace and our people for industry success, Raising the bar: Accelerating women into tech leadership, How to engage Gen Z to learn in the workplace, Building and leading high-performance engineering teams, Master transitions – Making progress in our career, Closing the influence gap, How to fast track your career, From ‘queen bee’ to ‘authenticity’, Digital productivity for managing busy workloads, Not a techie? Not a problem – five ways to build a successful career in technology (without writing code), Negotiation – top Tips for success, “NET” to “WORTH”: Growing your NetWORTH in professional relationships, Self-care is healthcare, Turn your career green: How to find a role and thrive in the climate tech space, Journey to become a Software Engineer, Succeeding with authenticity, Finding your inner advocate. Panels include - Mentoring, Navigating career success, Return, transition and get into tech and Youth in tech.
AI, Mentoring, Navigating career success, Return, Transition and Get into tech, Youth in tech.

What's included in your ticket?

  • Early access to build your personal agenda
  • No restricted areas - access to all keynotes, panels & content
  • Chat room access
  • An opportunity to virtually meet our partners and speakers
  • Time in our networking lounges
  • Access to meet the speakers
  • Free entry to all competitions for our prestigious prizes
  • Post conference access to revisit all of our content for 30 days

An introduction to our virtual platform

Opportunities to sponsor

If you are interested in supporting WeAreTechWomen as a sponsor, we'd love to hear from you. We have lots of different opportunities available to suit all budgets. To be part of this special day and to help us inspire and upskill women in tech globally, speak to a member of our team.

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Frequently asked questions

No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate. You only need to have access to the internet.
We recommend Chrome and Firefox.
Yes, this platform is mobile compatible so you can login via your mobile browser or laptop to join the event.
No, some exhibitor may have the ability to request a video chat, it is not required in order to participate.
Your login details will be emailed to you ahead of the event. You can use these details to access the online event.
This is an online event. You do not have to travel to any specific location. You can participate anywhere that you have Internet access. The event is accessible from desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
  • Visit the live sessions on in the auditorium
  • Complete the interactive gamification activities – Scavenger hunt and Leadership board
  • Visit the Expo Hall
Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a swag bag for you! You can add all of the documents available to the online swag bag in your account and then email them to yourself or share items with friends and family by simply entering their email.
Yes, sessions will be made available to access both in real-time and on-demand, meaning you can watch the sessions at a later time or date that suits you. All sessions are available for an additional 30 days post event.